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Empower your child’s education with our expert UK Curriculum online tutoring services. At CLC Online Learning, we understand the importance of a strong foundation in academics. Our dedicated team of experienced tutors is here to provide personalised guidance and support to ensure your child’s success in their exams.

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Refine your language skills in accordance with the Key Stage curriculum, as CLC Online Learning provides comprehensive support for reading, writing, and literary exploration.



Achieve mathematical mastery in alignment with the Key Stage curriculum, as CLC Online Learning offers interactive lessons and practice to reinforce your numerical understanding.



Delve into the world of science following the Key Stage syllabus, with CLC Online Learning offering engaging resources and practical insights across biology, chemistry, and physics.


English Support in
Key Stage 2 and 3

In the UK education system, Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) and Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) are pivotal years where students build upon their foundational skills and delve deeper into subjects like English. The development of language proficiency, critical thinking, and communication abilities becomes increasingly crucial during these stages.

At CLC Online Learning, we understand the significance of English education in fostering well-rounded individuals. Our tailored support for Key Stage 2 and 3 English curriculum is designed to guide students through the intricacies of language and literature. From comprehending texts to expressing thoughts coherently in writing, our resources and lessons align with the UK syllabus, ensuring your child’s progress is in harmony with educational standards.

Throughout Key Stage 2, our engaging lessons empower students to expand their vocabulary, refine their grammar, and develop their reading comprehension skills. In Key Stage 3, we build upon these foundations, exposing students to a diverse range of literary genres and helping them articulate their interpretations with confidence.

CLC Online Learning’s commitment to English education extends beyond the classroom. We foster an environment where students can embrace literature, express themselves effectively, and cultivate analytical thinking skills that will serve them well beyond their academic journey. With personalised attention and interactive content, we empower students to excel in English, enhancing their ability to communicate and engage critically with the world around them.

Maths Support in
Key Stage 2 and 3

Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) and Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) are vital stages in a student’s mathematical journey, as they progressively build upon foundational skills and move towards more complex concepts. Mathematics is not only a subject but also a way of thinking that equips students with problem-solving abilities applicable to various aspects of life.

CLC Online Learning is your partner in fostering mathematical proficiency during these pivotal years. Our support spans Key Stage 2 and 3, aligning with the UK curriculum to provide students with the tools they need to excel. From basic operations to algebraic thinking and geometry, our interactive lessons engage and challenge students to develop their mathematical skills.

In Key Stage 2, we lay the groundwork for numerical fluency and logical reasoning, helping students approach mathematical problems with confidence. As students progress to Key Stage 3, our curriculum evolves to cover more advanced topics, nurturing critical thinking and analytical abilities.

At CLC Online Learning, we understand that mathematical competence extends beyond exams. We aim to empower students with skills that will serve them well in their academic journey and future careers. Our approach focuses on practical application, encouraging students to see the relevance of mathematics in everyday life. With our comprehensive resources, your child gains not only a strong grasp of maths but also the confidence to approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset.

Science Support in
Key Stage 2 and 3

During Key Stage 2 (ages 7-11) and Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) in the UK, science education evolves from foundational principles to more specialised subjects, encompassing biology, chemistry, and physics. These are formative years when curiosity and scientific enquiry flourish, laying the groundwork for further studies.

CLC Online Learning stands as a dedicated partner in your child’s scientific exploration. Our support spans Key Stage 2 and 3, aligning with the UK curriculum to provide comprehensive resources that engage and educate. From interactive experiments to in-depth explanations of complex concepts, our modules equip students with a deep understanding of the natural world.

In Key Stage 2, our interactive science lessons foster a sense of wonder and curiosity, encouraging hands-on exploration and helping students comprehend fundamental scientific principles. As students transition to Key Stage 3, our curriculum expands to address more intricate topics, preparing them for advanced studies.

Beyond the classroom, CLC Online Learning promotes critical thinking and independent enquiry. We aim to nurture the next generation of scientists, guiding them to approach problems analytically and develop a holistic understanding of scientific concepts. With our immersive learning experiences, your child gains not only knowledge but also a passion for scientific discovery that will serve them throughout their educational journey and beyond.

Why Choose CLC Online Learning
For Key Stage Tutoring?

Expert Tutors

Our tutors are highly qualified and specialise in all UK qualifications, offering comprehensive knowledge and use effective teaching methodologies to meet and exceed your child’s needs. At CLC Online Learning, we make it our business to ensure quality by active monitoring of both your child and tutor’s progress and offer you a comprehensive system to continuously monitor your child’s progress.

Teachers Meeting
Convenient Online Platform

Convenient Online Platform

Our user-friendly online platform, offers the child, parent and tutor with a comprehensive dashboard to monitor their progress. Our platform gives students top-level subject matter access and engages parents to monitor their child’s progress. From access to past test papers, coaching material, testing and progress reports, CLC Online Learning provides a comprehensive and supportive environment. So what are you waiting for? Enrol your child today!

Personalised Learning

We recognise that every student is unique. Our tutors tailor their approach to match your child’s learning style, pace, and needs. Our 1-on-1 classes ensure that the teachers meet the child’s requirements and curate a tutoring plan around their needs.

Personalized Learning
Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

We understand the demands of a busy student life. That is why we offer flexible scheduling options, allowing your child to study at their convenience. Our online system allows children to schedule their own sessions and interact with tutors seamlessly to ensure they do not miss any time.

Progress Tracking

Stay informed about your child’s progress with regular updates and assessments, ensuring they stay on the path to success. We ensure a transparent system that keeps you updated of your child’s daily progress.

Progress Tracking
Comprehensive Resources

Comprehensive Resources

Gain access to a wealth of study materials, practice exams, and resources designed to enhance your child’s understanding of Cambridge subjects, whether it is past papers or test preparation that ensure they are always ready to overcome the challenge and progress forth.

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