American Curriculum High School Chemistry


Unlock the molecular mysteries of the universe with Chemistry at CLC Online Learning. Spanning atomic structures, chemical reactions, and the nature of matter, our curriculum equips students with foundational knowledge. Expert tutors ensure students are primed for success, cultivating a deeper appreciation for the elements and compounds that shape our world.


Atomic & Molecular Structure:
Initiate your journey with a profound understanding of atoms, molecules, and the Periodic Table. Explore the behavior of elements and the principles guiding their interactions.

Chemical Reactions & Stoichiometry:
Delve into the heart of chemistry, understanding how substances interact, combine, and change. Our tutors simplify complex equations, ensuring students grasp the essence of chemical reactions.

Thermodynamics & Kinetics:
Understand the energy dynamics in chemical processes. From endothermic to exothermic reactions, students learn the energy flow and rate processes in chemistry.

Organic & Inorganic Chemistry:
Dive into the vast world of carbon compounds and beyond, understanding the structure, properties, and reactions that define organic and inorganic realms.

Virtual Laboratories:
CLC’s innovative online platform allows for virtual lab experiences, ensuring students get a practical grasp of chemical concepts and techniques.

Academic Roadmap:
Our comprehensive chemistry curriculum serves as a springboard for future academic pursuits in medicine, engineering, or research, paving the way for excellence.

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