AP Coumputer Science Principles


Embark on a journey of digital discovery with CLC Online Learning’s AP Computer Science Principles program. Tailored for aspiring tech enthusiasts, this course explores a wide range of computing concepts on a conceptual level, while also introducing procedural programming. Our expert tutors guide students through the intricacies of computational thinking and problem-solving. Experience hands-on learning as you tackle the “Create” assessment, where you’ll develop a program, present it in a video, and provide a written reflection. Join CLC Online Learning today to unleash your creativity and build a solid foundation in computer science.

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Unlock the World of Digital Exploration with CLC Online Learning:
Step into the dynamic world of technology and innovation with CLC Online Learning’s comprehensive AP Computer Science Principles program. Created for students passionate about tech, this course delves into a diverse array of computing topics, providing a conceptual understanding that forms the backbone of digital literacy.

Exploring Concepts and Procedural Programming:
AP Computer Science Principles is more than just coding—it’s about grasping the essence of computing. This program introduces students to a wide spectrum of computing concepts, fostering a deep appreciation for technology’s role in modern society. Additionally, students get a taste of procedural programming, gaining insights into coding logic and structure.

Hands-On Learning with “Create” Assessment:
One of the highlights of our AP Computer Science Principles program is the “Create” assessment. Here, students step into the shoes of creators and innovators. They develop a program of their own, showcasing their skills through a video demonstration and providing a written reflection. This hands-on experience solidifies their understanding and sparks their creativity.

Guided by Expert Tutors:
Our experienced tutors are dedicated to nurturing your tech journey. They provide guidance in computational thinking, problem-solving, and the principles of computer science. With their support, you’ll gain insights that extend beyond theory, honing practical skills that will serve you well in the digital age.

Interactive Learning and Beyond:
Learning about computer science is an interactive endeavor. Our AP Computer Science Principles program integrates interactive learning materials, from coding simulations to multimedia presentations. This approach not only enhances comprehension but also stimulates curiosity and engagement.

Preparation for Success:
The AP Computer Science Principles exam is the culmination of this program. Our tutors equip students not only with theoretical knowledge but also with practical skills. By mastering computing concepts and procedural programming, students are well-prepared for success in the exam and beyond.

Building a Foundation for the Future:
The skills gained in AP Computer Science Principles are applicable in various fields, from technology to business and beyond. Whether students aspire to be programmers, data analysts, or tech entrepreneurs, the insights and competencies gained will set them on a path to success.

Join CLC Online Learning Today:
Empower your journey into the realm of technology with CLC Online Learning. Our AP Computer Science Principles program offers a holistic understanding of computing concepts, procedural programming, and hands-on experience through the “Create” assessment. Join us today to unlock your potential and prepare for a future driven by innovation and digital fluency.

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