AQA GCSE Information and Communication Technology

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Prepare your child for the digital age with CLC’s online tutoring for GCSE ICT. Specialising in the AQA curriculum, our tutors demystify the world of information and communication technology, setting students on the path to academic and real-world success. Secure your free session today and equip your child with the tools for tomorrow.



Understanding Digital Dimensions:
At CLC, our ICT lessons are designed to impart essential digital skills, from software applications to data handling.

Decoding AQA’s Digital Blueprint:
The challenges of the AQA ICT syllabus become more approachable as our expert tutors guide students through each module, ensuring thorough understanding.

Real-world Applicability:
We emphasise the practical use of ICT skills, ensuring students not only excel in exams but are also prepared for real-world applications.

Focused Exam Preparation:
With our arsenal of past papers, tailored revision plans, and feedback sessions, students approach their ICT exams with confidence and clarity.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Tech-Savvy Individuals:
In a world driven by technology, our aim is to create well-rounded individuals proficient in ICT, ready to take on future challenges.

Venture into the Digital Realm with CLC:
Our tutoring sessions offer students the perfect platform to grasp and excel in ICT. Sign up for a free class and kickstart the digital learning journey.

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