Cambridge A Level Travel and Tourism

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Navigate the multifaceted world of travel and tourism with CLC Online Learning’s esteemed Cambridge A Level Travel and Tourism (9395) programme. Explore the global intricacies of one of the world’s most dynamic industries, under the tutelage of our expert educators. Prepare for a rewarding academic journey and experience our teaching excellence with a complimentary trial class today.



Introduction to a Global Industry:
The travel and tourism sector stands as one of the fastest-growing global industries. Engage in an in-depth study of its diverse components, from hospitality management to sustainable tourism practices.

Sustainable and Responsible Tourism:
In an era where sustainability is paramount, comprehend the importance of eco-friendly and community-focused travel. Delve into case studies that highlight the balance between local benefits and tourist satisfaction.

Economic and Cultural Impact:
Assess the economic significance of tourism to countries worldwide and understand its cultural ramifications, both positive and potentially detrimental, on local communities.

Marketing and Management:
Learn the strategies employed by top travel agencies and hospitality sectors. From branding to crisis management, grasp the nuances that contribute to the sector’s global success.

Industry Challenges and Trends:
Stay updated with the latest industry trends, from digital transformation to changing traveller preferences. Furthermore, explore the challenges posed by global events, and understand the resilience and adaptability of the travel and tourism sector.

Exam-Centric Approach:
The Cambridge A Level Travel and Tourism (9395) examinations require a deep understanding of industry intricacies. Our approach emphasises mastery of the curriculum, combined with application-based learning. Regular mock tests, feedback loops, and past paper discussions ensure students are thoroughly prepped for success.

Why CLC for A Level Travel and Tourism?
The world of travel and tourism is as vast as it is diverse. At CLC Online Learning, our objective is to present students with a holistic view, empowering them with both theoretical knowledge and practical insights. Our educators, with their profound industry insights, offer guidance every step of the way. We invite parents to witness our holistic teaching approach and engage with our dedicated educators through a free trial class.

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