Edexcel A Level Physics

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Dive into the vast realm of physics with CLC. Through the Edexcel A Level curriculum, our specialists make the complexities of the physical world comprehensible. Enhance your child’s understanding and set them on a path to excel. Experience this transformative journey; schedule a complimentary class today.

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Universe Unveiled:
From understanding atomic structures to exploring vast galaxies, we cover every aspect, offering students a panoramic view of physics.

Real-world Simulations:
With cutting-edge digital tools, we bring theoretical concepts to life, ensuring students grasp both the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Discussion-led Classes:
Through debates, group discussions, and question-answer sessions, students not only learn but begin to think like physicists.

Examination Mastery:
With Edexcel’s unique requirements in mind, we ensure every student gets comprehensive revision, frequent assessments, and feedback, optimising their exam performance.

Personalised Learning:
Recognising the diverse strengths and areas of improvement in each student, we tailor our teaching techniques, ensuring a balanced and focused learning experience for all.

The CLC Edge:
With tutors having years of hands-on experience in the field and teaching, we provide unmatched guidance, ensuring every student is confident, curious, and ready for challenges beyond A Levels.


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