Edexcel A Level Urdu

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Delve into the beauty of Urdu language and literature with CLC’s A Level Urdu programme. Tailored to the Edexcel syllabus, our linguistic maestros enrich students’ comprehension and expression in Urdu. Ignite a passion for linguistic arts; book your free class today.

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Rich Literary Journey:

Explore classic and contemporary Urdu literature, appreciating the nuances of prose, poetry, and other forms.

Holistic Language Learning:

Beyond literature, we emphasise grammatical accuracy, advanced vocabulary, and refined expression, ensuring students excel in both spoken and written Urdu.

Cultural Context:

Urdu is deeply interwoven with South Asian culture. We integrate cultural studies to provide context and deepen literature appreciation.

Mastering Edexcel Exams:

With a keen eye on Edexcel’s examination pattern, we offer specialised training, frequent mock tests, and revision sessions to guarantee top-tier results.

Passionate Educators:

Our Urdu tutors, with a profound love for the language, bring unique insights, ensuring each student truly connects with the subject.

Linguistic Foundations:

Beyond exam success, our aim is to instil a lifelong appreciation for Urdu, equipping students for further academic pursuits in the language or simply enriching their linguistic palette.

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