IGCSE ICT (0417)

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Step into the digital realm with CLC Online Learning’s tutoring for Cambridge IGCSE ICT (0417). Led by our distinguished educators with a laudable history of A and A* distinctions, we aim to demystify the complexities of ICT. Empower your child with contemporary tech skills and digital literacy essential for the modern world. Embrace the future of learning with CLC: book your free trial class today.



Bridging the Digital Divide:
The modern era is defined by rapid technological advancements. Our comprehensive curriculum in ICT equips students to navigate this digital landscape confidently.

Hands-on Learning Approach:
Beyond theoretical knowledge, CLC promotes practical ICT skills. Students engage in real-world applications, ensuring they’re not just versed in concepts but can also implement them effectively.

Mastering Key ICT Modules:
From data handling to programming, our expert educators cover the wide-ranging modules of the IGCSE ICT (0417) syllabus, ensuring no topic goes unexplored.

Safety in the Digital Age:
Cybersecurity and digital ethics are paramount. We ensure students are well-versed in safe and responsible use of technology, preparing them for both personal and professional digital interactions.

Excellence in Education:
CLC’s illustrious track record, marked by numerous A and A* grades, is a testament to our pedagogical finesse and dedication to student success.

Embracing the Digital Age with CLC:
In a world driven by technology, proficiency in ICT isn’t just beneficial, it’s essential. At CLC Online Learning, we are committed to offering rigorous, updated, and engaging tutoring sessions in ICT. Parents keen on providing their children with an edge in this digital age are encouraged to schedule a free trial class, witnessing firsthand the superior education and individual attention that sets CLC apart.

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