Learn Raspberry Pi – Beginner

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Discover the endless possibilities of coding and electronics with “Learn Raspberry Pi – Beginner” at CLC Online Learning! This course is designed for beginners aged 10+ and 13+ who want to dive into the exciting world of Raspberry Pi. Learn how to set up and configure a Raspberry Pi, explore its hardware components, and write Python programs to interact with the real world. From LED control to sensor integration, you’ll develop hands-on skills and unleash your creativity. Join us today to unlock the potential of Raspberry Pi and embark on an extraordinary coding journey!

Duration: 8 Hours

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Course Introduction

Get to know the power of this credit card-sized computer. Choose your own path with the infinite capabilities of Raspberry Pi. This single-board computer gives you a lot to learn and it is worth it. Once you dive in you will see that with a little imagination (and this little computer) you can accomplish almost anything.

In the following course you will:

    • Learn about the different types of Raspberry Pi boards, the interfaces, and how to set up a general computing system.
    • Install the Linux operating system, configure the settings to your needs and navigate the Desktop.
    • Use the command line to discover more about the Linux operating system and the Raspberry Pi. This is the preferred computing experience for the superuser.
    • Be introduced to electronics to get you ready for some fun projects with the Raspberry Pi. Voltage, Current, Resistance, and Ohm’s Law are all covered to get you prepared for some circuit building.
    • Blend hardware and software with digital electronics and Raspberry Pi. Control the digital output to discover the external capabilities of the Raspberry Pi and start a path toward many great projects.
    • Enjoy these topics along with many others while you get to know this tiny, yet powerful, computer.

Course Outline

  1. The Raspberry Pi
  2. Raspberry Pi Setup
  3. Command Line for the Raspberry Pil
  4. Electronics

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