PYP Science


Embark on a journey of discovery with CLC’s PYP 4 & 5 Science programme. Let your child explore biology, physics, and chemistry under the mentorship of our expert educators. Our interactive online modules make learning both fun and factual. Start the voyage of scientific curiosity with a no-obligation trial class today.

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Awakening Young Scientists:
Science is the tool by which we understand the world around us. Our PYP 4 & 5 Science curriculum is structured to awaken the innate scientist in every child. From exploring living organisms to understanding forces and reactions, every topic is an adventure.

Expertise Matters:
Our team, comprising qualified and experienced educators, ensures that each child’s scientific journey is both enlightening and enjoyable. They bring a wealth of PYP-specific experience to ensure the curriculum is both comprehensive and comprehensible.

Innovative Online Exploration:
With CLC Online Learning, the digital realm becomes a laboratory. Our online sessions are interactive, involving experiments, quizzes, and discussions that stoke curiosity and critical thinking.

A Partnership in Discovery:
Science is the future, and your child deserves the best foundation. Schedule a free trial class with us today and be a part of your child’s exciting journey into the world of science.

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