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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Updates to Terms of Use
CLC Online Learning may occasionally update these Terms of Use. We encourage you to check them periodically. By using our Website, Application, or Services, you agree to the most recent version of the Terms of Use.

2.1. Our terms of use are defined as the terms and conditions under which You are permitted to make use of the website’s resources. Also explained is the manner in which Your account will be handled during Your time registered with us. The Terms of Use described presently are comprehensive and will be updated with any terms and policies that are communicated through mail or along with other articles provided.
2.2. These Terms of Use replace any prior terms and conditions (if any) conveyed to You on paper or through a representative.
2.3. By accessing our Website, Application or Services through a computer, portable device or any electronic items, however it may be, including but not limited to visiting, browsing, duplicating, downloading or uploading any data be it in the format of text, numeric, illustration etc, You are admitting to have read, acknowledged and agreed to adhering to these Terms of Use, without exception.
2.4. Any personal information that You have submitted is subject to the Terms of Use (particularly as mentioned in the Privacy Policy) as relevant and as written on our website
2.5. Please make certain that You read and acknowledge our Terms of Use before interacting with our Website, Application or Services. If You deny our Terms of Use, Then please do not interact with the website, Application or Services in any form. Furthermore, please do not utilize any services provided therein.
2.6. Acknowledgement of our Terms of Use will be seen as a binding agreement between You and CLC Online Learning whenever the Website, Application, or use of the services provided therein are in question.
2.7. Any condition mentioned in these Terms of Use and not explained herein shall have the meaning as detailed in the Privacy Policy
2.8. Any words implying singular will also be deemed plural and vice versa.
2.9. Any Words implying specific genders will also incorporate all genders.
2.10. The headings and Subheadings mentioned in this document are meant for Accessibility and Navigation only and are not meant to explain, expound, detail or restrict the range or purpose of these Terms of Use (similarly the permit to utilize the website by the users as detailed in these Terms of Use or on any webpage of the website in any form).


3.1. The Terms of Use explained in this document will be in full effect at all times during Your use of the website in any way shape or form.
3.2. The Company holds the right to deny You access to the website and these Terms of use, in the case of these following misconducts-
3.2.1. Violation of any terms detailed in this document
3.2.2. Spreading of false information
3.2.3. Any Illegal Actions or
3.2.4. Failure to authenticate or Confirm the information submitted by You to the company through the website

3.3. The following Clauses will stay in effect after the termination of these Terms of Use; User Covenants, Limitation of Liability, Indemnity, Disclaimer, Intellectual Property Rights, Dispute Resolution.

4.1. Affiliation Charges – Charges to be paid by teachers for undergoing the provided training and being verified as a CLC Online Learning teacher.
4.2. CLC Online Learning – A Company (CLC Online Learning) Established and Registered in accordance with United Kingdom Laws.
4.3. CLC Online Learning Program – The Academic learning program that is applicable to students of all classes in the International Academic sectors and provides services in a variety of subjects.
4.4. Student Fee – A fee to be compensated by or for a student undergoing the CLC Online Learning Program
4.5. Terms of Use – All information covered in this document, privacy policy, disclaimers and other policies that are relevant and/or specified on the website
4.6. Website – The Company Website as mentioned before is

5.1. You are subject to these Terms of Use in the following circumstances;
5.1.1. You are a teacher affiliated to us or seek to be affiliated with us to become a certified CLC Online Learning Instructor and teach our student(s) (“You” or “User”).
5.1.2. You are a Student, Parent or a Legal Guardian viewing or using our website(“You” or “User”).
5.1.3. You are an Individual viewing or Using our Website (“You” or “User”) or;
5.1.4. Are in other cases, using or viewing the website (“You” or “User”).
5.2. These Terms of Use are explicit on Your viewing or utilization of the Websites resources, along with all data provided by You on the website at all times.

6.1. The Website is meant to convey to the public information on the following subjects;
6.1.1. The Company
6.1.2. The major and minor services offered by the company as well as information regarding the CLC Learning Program in thorough detail.
6.2. The Website enables the services provided by the Company and provides for the registration of teachers, parents/legal guardians of the students(s) and student(s) wishing to join the CLC Online Learning Program.
6.3. The Website allows for the registration/creation of an account with us for accessing the CLC Online Learning Program.

7.1. You will only be able to access the website at the Company’s discretion.
7.2. The Company will only allow access to the website for the user to gain information on or enroll/register for the CLC Online Learning Program.
7.3. The Company has the sole right to postpone/forbid/limit access of the website to You at any time. In the meantime, misuses of the website such as Supposed Breaches of the Terms of Use will be investigated alongside any other complaints made for whatever reason.
7.4. Use of this website is overseen by the Companies Privacy and other policies which You from here onwards are under oath to observe strictly once You have accessed the website.Standard procedure regarding the accumulation, utilization and communication of personal information of the users provided to us are detailed in the Companies Privacy and Other Policies.

8.1. Accessing the account created on the website is subject to the Company’s discretion.
8.2. Access to the account created on this website is to be retained only by You or in the case that You are a legal guardian/parent, to Your children for whom the account is created. Disclosure of any resources on the account to any third party whatsoever is also not allowed.
8.3. Any breach of the previous sub-Clause term will be dealt with by the company as they reserve the right to take any action under these terms of use or the law against You to prohibit any illegal use, disclosure or use of the account by/to You or any third party.
8.4. The Company holds the right to accept, deny, postpone or suspend Your registered account on the Website.

9.1. Registration of an account or contacting us on our Website will be taken as an admittance that You are of legal age and are legally entitled to contract under relevant law, and are not restricted by any law, in any judicial area, or subject to any agreement that forbids You from accepting these Terms of Use or accessing the website.
9.2. If You are under legal age as per applicable law, or You are restricted by any law, in any judicial area and forbidden by any agreement to be unable to access the Website, You can not register or reach out to us through the Website. Even so, Your legal guardians/parents may contact us as mediators for You given that they adhere to Clauses 9.1.
9.3. You acknowledge and accept that You alone are accountable for adherence to all laws, rules, regulations and tax responsibilities that are relevant to the use of the site, application and Services provided by CLC Online Learning Program.
9.4. You acknowledge that You are not permitted under Regulation 3(2) of the IG Rules, and shall be subject to similar rules as long as it is applicable to these Terms of Use, even if You are not subject to these rules. Furthermore, You will not present, exhibit, upload, edit, send, update, accumulate, or collect any information or data that –
9.4.1. Belongs to another individual and to which You have no grounds or permission to use;
9.4.2. Is explicitly harmful, persecuting, sacrilegious, defamatory, indecent, pornographic, paedophilic, incorrect, intolerant of anothers privacy, hateful, or ethnically questionable, belittling, relevant to or enabling racketeering and other money laundering offenses, gambling or any other illegal actions in any way shape or form;
9.4.3. Is harmful to minors in any degree;
9.4.4. Encroaches any patent, trademark, copyright or any other rights exclusive to the proprietor;
9.4.5. Violates any law during its active period;
9.4.6. Misguides or misleads the subject on the inception of such messages or conveys any information which is highly false, disrespectful or threatening in nature;
9.4.7. Imitates or insults us or any other individual;
9.4.8. Includes software viruses or any piece of computer code, files or applications designed to delay, delete or restrain the performance or functionality of any present computer resource;
9.4.9. Will menace the unity, honesty, protection or sovereignty of United Kingdom, cordial foreign relations, or public order, provokes the act of any visible offense, hinders the investigation of any offensive matter or offends any other nation.
9.5. You are also forbidden from and You acknowledge that You shall not do the following;
9.5.1. Use the Site, Application, Services or the CLC Online Learning Program for any financial use, personal gain or any other purpose not explicitly stated in these Terms of Use.
9.5.2. Utilize, copy or exhibit the CLC Online Learning Website or any content present there.
9.5.3. Breaching or attempting to breach the honesty or security of the Website.
9.5.4. Sending any information or data on or through the website that is disorderly or challenges the provision of the services available from the Company.
9.5.5. Submit any incomplete, wrong or imprecise information on purpose.
9.5.6. Use any engine, software, utility, client or other electronic device(e.g. Spiders, robots, A.I.) to surf the Website.
9.5.7. Attempt to decode, decompile, dismantle or re-implement any part of the Website.
9.5.8. Copy or mimic any data or information visible on the Website.
9.5.9. Make a backdoor into or hotlink any data on the website.

10.1 Signing up/ Registering for the CLC Online Learning Program requires You to provide Your name, age, mobile or phone number, and/or address; The aforementioned fields must be filled with complete and accurate information.
10.2. You hereby give the Company the following permissions;
10.2.1. Use of the information outlined in the previous Clause for contacting You through SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp or any other communication software and medium unstated.
10.2.2. Preserve a record of Your queries, activities on the Website and/or any provided feedback.
10.2.3. Utilize any information put forward by You in any way we may think appropriate.
10.3. User Submissions: You acknowledge that when using the Website, You may come in contact with content from a myriad of sources. The Company is not responsible for the reliability, usefulness, security or intellectual property rights of or relevant to the aforementioned content. In such events You acknowledge and accept all accountability for Your use. Henceforth, You relinquish any legal or unbiased rights or contract remedies You may have against the Company with regard thereto.

11.1. The following sub-Clauses state the eligibility criteria to become a teacher;
11.1.1. In case of being below the legal age, You are ineligible in accordance with the applicable law. By signing Yourself up as a teacher, You acknowledge that You are not a minor, and can form a binding contract under relevant law.
11.1.2. You must be a graduate in the discipline You wish to apply to becoming the instructor for.
11.1.3. You must be prepared to administer the classes at Your residence, the decided premises or digitally.
11.1.4. You must impart specific information required of You on the Website. You must also guarantee that the information imparted in the Website registration form is complete, precise and contemporary.
11.1.5. All teachers must be verified to teach the relevant students and follow the goals set out by CLC Online Learning for the students.
11.1.6. You are not specified as an employee in the Company while You teach on our platform.
11.2. Facilitating Your registration with the Company: Only if You have provided the Company the specific information they require on the Website or on other
platforms, will You be permitted by the Company to and facilitated for Your registration. The provided information will be investigated from time-to-time. Once Your registration on the Website is complete and the provided information is inspected and assessed, a representative from the Company will contact You.
11.3.1. If applicable, Your premises must be suitable and accessible and Your facilities must be established and maintained properly to run the CLC Online Learning Program.
11.3.2. You must always carry out Your duties in a manner that is professional, ethical, legitimate and socially considerate. You must also not take part in any immoral act which may support anarchical feelings or persecution based on caste, beliefs, gender or religion. You must also not partake in any act which may cause physical or mental distress or injury to the students.
11.3.3. You accept the responsibility of carrying out interactive classes with the students and their parents/guardians with the purpose of easing an understanding of the CLC Online Learning Program and answer all queries academic or otherwise made by the concerned individual taking these interactive sessions to their contentment.
11.3.4 You must not have any right in any case, on the content needed to run the program, such as; worksheets, applications, software, amd any other educational material, along with the logo and the name of the Company and shall not gain any claim, title or interest in or to the intellectual property. 11.3.5. You must also aim to keep the confidential information provided to You by the Company secure along with the collaboration of the Company.
11.3.6. You acknowledge that You will reimburse CLC Online Learning, its directors, its staff, offices for any damage, loss, decree, order, judgment, charge, misuse or financial agreement of any nature whatever it may be, be it a result of Your carelessness, default, actions, exclusion or violation of any and all applicable laws.
11.3.7. A teacher must aim to aid the Company in their endeavors to promote and market the CLC Learning Program of their own initiative or as per the Company’s directive, in which case You and the Company can agree to specific goals and motivations.
11.3.8. The teacher holds the responsibility of arranging a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM) at regular intervals as outlined by CLC Online Learning.
11.4. Refund of Affiliation Fee applicable from 15 Jan 2021: Candidates are requested to read the refund policy thoroughly as it is a timed policy.
11.4.1. The enrolment fee is viable for a complete refund in the case of the applicant(s) wishing to abandon the course within 20 days of the enrolment fee being imbursed for the following reasons):
inability to clear english proficiency test(s) as outlined by CLC Online Learning
ii) inability to clear the math or coding tests as outlined by CLC Online Learning
iii) inability to clear any proficiency test(s) relating to subjects You have applied to teach for.
11.4.2. In the following cases, the enrolment fee will not be reimbursed;
1. Once 20 days have passed on the payment of the enrolment fee.
2. Failing to clear the test(s) outlined by CLC Online Learning within the time limit of 20 days after the enrolment fee is imbursed.
3. Once the tab is sent to the teacher by CLC Online Learning.
11.4.3. Keep in mind that:
i) The Tab will be delivered once You have completed Your online assessments successfully
ii) After the delivery, the tab can not be remitted to CLC Online Learning by the teacher for any plausible reason whatsoever.
11.5. Holidays and Break Policy
11.5.1. No holidays are outlined for the teacher or student in the curriculum designed by CLC Online Learning. Even so, once the teacher has agreed to a complete subscription, he/she will have break units which can be put into effect as per the teachers discretion.
11.5.2. As mentioned before, CLC Online Learning does not recognise any holidays during the academic term in which You will be present as a student/teacher in our program.
11.5.3. If a certain session is missed due to a holiday, the teacher can countervail another session at the students discretion.
11.5.4. Missed classes are to be completed within the time period decided by the student.
11.5.5. Teachers are allowed 4 weeks of break(4 units) in any academic year which they can avail after informing the CLC Online Learning staff and the parents of their concerned students.
11.5.6. The student’s tenure period will not be deducted by these breaks.
11.5.7. The teacher can use upto a maximum of TWO break units at a time.
11.6. Student Transfer Policy
11.6.1. At the behest of or due to frequent unavailability, or inadequate quality of classes, or of CLC Online Learning’s own accord, transfer to another teacher is an option available to a student.
11.6.2. These transfers will be carried out without prior discussion with the parents/legal guardians of the student. Furthermore, they will be commenced and processed of CLC Online Learning’s own accord.
11.6.3. If the student transfer is processed, the amount of classes will remain as is, depending on the remainder of the period of subscription.
11.6.4. Per class, the fee paid by the student will be as outlined in the class structures 1:1 or 1:many.
11.7. Demo Allocation/Conversion Policy
11.7.1. The assignment of the student demo will be handled by CLC Online Learning of their own accord. Furthermore, no fee will be charged on these services.
11.7.2. The Demo can be designated to any teacher at any time, depending on their schedule and availability, demo conversion history, cooperation, retention and similar applications.
11.7.3. After a Demo is completed, the CLC Online Learning team will handle all responsibility related to it. Under no circumstances must a teacher reach out to the parent/legal guardian for a continuation, the only exception being if the CLC Online Learning team wishes for the teacher to do so.
11.7.4. If a demo conversion is successful, all efforts will be made to appoint the student to the teacher who oversaw the demo. However, in case of favored time slots, misconduct, unsatisfactory class performance, CLC Online Learning reserves the right to assign a student to a different teacher.
11.7.5. The last demo conducted before fee payment will be appraised as a successful demo.

12.1. Information for the Parent/Legal Guardian
12.1.1. Once You have provided the Company the required information through a digital(Website) or written application. The Company may facilitate the registration of Your child/children.
12.1.2. Any information given by You in the Website registration form or in other mediums must be up to date, correct and complete.
12.1.3. In the case that You provide information that is fabricated, imprecise, out of date(or becomes so), or the Company has reason to suspect said information, the Company reserves the right to terminate Your child’s registration process.
12.2. Parental Obligations
12.2.1. Paying the fee in advance is a viable option for the tenure of the program.
12.2.2. Payment of the fees must be made as outlined in the assigned account mentioned on the invoice. Failure to pay the fee on time or refusal to do so for a period of 7 successive days will result in the termination of the students registration along with any benefits or services provided by the CLC Online Learning program.
12.2.3. Responsibility for the transportation of Your child to/from the designated premises will lie upon You. The Company and teacher hold no such responsibility in any degree.
12.2.4. You shall not be permitted any right to the content within the CLC Online Learning Program, and neither can You gain any claim, position or interest in or to the content.
12.2.5. In case of the parent/student discontinuing their use of the CLC Online Learning Program, admission to the account or app will be postponed till reactivation of the account in question.
12.3. Related to Classes
12.3.1. A class will be classified as NO SHOW in case of a student being unable to join within 10 minutes of the start of the session. In this event, the class may be canceled, with no compensatory classes provided to the student, and will be fully chargeable.
12.3.2. In case of informing the teacher 12 hours before the class, CLC Online Learning will reschedule the class for You.
12.3.3. To maintain the quality of our services, CLC Online Learning will preserve a digital record of the class. This recording will belong to CLC Online Learning, they will also retain the right to analyze the recorded data for any purpose they deem fit, be it the improvement of the curriculum, quality of teaching, class ambience etc.
12.3.4. The student’s maximum number of classes will be determined by the tuition fee and the duration of their registration.
12.3.5. If a student is a NO SHOW due to technical issues, and if the teacher is notified by a student or parent/legal guardian 3 hours before the class, they are entitled to a redemptionary class which CLC Online Learning will help to arrange. In the event of technical issues before or during the class, CLC Online Learning will investigate the issue and if found to be correct, CLC Online Learning will allow for redemptionary classes.
12.4. Holidays and Break Policy
12.4.1. Due to our system not recognising any holidays, the students will not be permitted to avail them. Even so, gaining a full subscription will allow the student specific break units which they can use at their discretion.
12.4.2. CLC Online Learning does not recognise any holidays during the academic term in which You will be present as a student/teacher in our program.
12.4.3. In the event of a decided holiday, the parent/legal guardian must activate their break unit and follow the relevant policies for the rescheduling of the class(es).
12.4.4. For registrations longer than 6 months, the students will receive 4 weeks of break(as per the duration of their registration). If the parent wishes to avail the break unit, the CLC Online Learning team must be informed 1 week prior.
12.4.5. As mentioned in sub-Clause 11.5.6, The student’s tenure period will not be deducted by these breaks.
12.4.6. The maximum number of break units applicable at a time for a student are limited to THREE weeks.
12.5. Student Transfer/Change of Teacher Policy
12.5.1. A student transfer is valid under circumstances such as unattainability of certain time slots, request for change, suspension of classes, suspension of classes from a specific teacher, teacher break etc.
12.5.2. CLC Online Learning can of their own accord, transfer a student , without prior discussion with the parent/legal guardian of the student in question.
12.6. Student Fee Refund
12.6.1. CLC Online Learning permits a 100% refund in proportion to classes unused for the duration of the program the student has registered for(e.g. The student enrolls for a 6 months period program on January 1st for a total of 36 classes. If the student applies for a refund after 12 classes, he will be refunded by the Company for the remainder of the 36 classes).
12.6.2. In the event that the student does not attend the classes in the allotted time, the Company holds no accountability for refunding the student when they apply for a refund in the aforementioned case and in case of applying after the designated duration.
12.6.3. CLC Online Learning will require You to share the details of Your bank account for the refund transfer and similar documents (meant for international students) which may be required to process the refund. Once all of these requirements are fulfilled, CLC Online Learning will process Your refund request within 7
working days.

13.1. General
13.1.1. The company holds the right to disregard information that is in violation of Clause 9, upon gaining the knowledge by itself,through other means such as a person affected by said violation or through an email about the aforementioned information. The Company is allowed to maintain records of such information and other associated findings, in case of a formal request from governmental institutions for inquisitional purposes.
13.1.2. The Company reserves the right to divulge or transmit information given by You to its own associates, and henceforth You accept such sharing of information. Please acknowledge that rules in effect by the SPI only authorize the Company’s transfer of such information under the aforementioned SPI Rules to any other party, be it a corporate entity or a person in United Kingdom or otherwise. During such transmissions of information, You are guaranteed the same level of data security that the Company is subject to as outlined in the SPI Rules, and such transmission of information is only permitted if it is required to carry out the Company’s contractual obligations towards any individual or at the request of said individual once they have consented to data transfer.
13.1.3. Modifications, amendments and updates may be made to the information You have provided by the Company at their absolute discretion.
13.1.4. CLC Online Learning holds the power to cancel Your account and subscription at any time with or without a ‘30 day notice’ through e-mail or any other medium or any prior information whatsoever.
13.2. Related to Teacher’s
13.2.1. The Company is permitted to deny the teachers access to new registrants without giving any plausible causes for such an action.
13.2.2. In the event that any information delivered by You is found to be false, imprecise, out of date, or incomplete (or becomes so), and if the Company has reason to believe that the supplied information is as described in the previous lines, the Company holds the power to deny Your registration/ associate You as a teacher or postpone/terminate Your professional relation with CLC Online Learning as an instructor.
13.2.3. The Company will supply the curriculum content, branding and teaching material to the teacher(s). Rights to charge the teachers for such services are reserved by the Company.
13.2.4. An online teacher-student interface shall be supplied to You by the Company . through this interface, You can publish student performance and other data required for monitoring the students progress. You are accountable for the security and preservation of the account information needed to log
in to the interface and take full responsibility for any and all activities made in the account. The Company can not be held accountable for any loss or harm inflicted by Your inability to adhere to these conditions, or otherwise.
13.2.5. The Company will hold training and inquiry sessions with teacher(s) to maintain the quality of the provided services at regular intervals.
13.2.6. Teachers will be provided with feedback once the class records are analyzed. CLC Online Learning holds the ability to transfer students to a different teacher based on poor results, problematic behavior, and any such reason that may hamper or disrupt the students progress in the curriculum. 
13.2.7. In the event of a financial agreement between the teacher and the parent/legal guardian outside the framework laid by CLC Online Learning, the Company will view these actions as a grave and clear violation of the agreement between the Company and teacher. Such acts are legally actionable upon as well as grounds for termination. Furthermore the teacher in question will be accountable for indemnites towards CLC Online Learning for any damages or harm caused.
13.2.8. Frequent improvements to the quality of the provided services will be made. In respect to this, teachers will be obligated to gain certifications and proofs of proficiency to maintain their teaching privileges.
13.2.9. Published marketing material will be provided by the Company to the parent/legal guardian.
13.3. Related to Parent’s
13.3.1. The teacher(s) will be aided by the Company in their effort to allow for a refining experience for the students registered for the CLC Online Learning Program.
13.3.2. Depending on Article 17 below, any exhibition of misconduct or problematic behavior displayed by the teacher against You or Your child/children will be relayed to the Company, who in turn will make necessary arrangements to suspend the affiliation of the teacher with the Company once the complaint filed against the teacher(s) is investigated and found to be factual.

14.1. All specified payments must be made to the account designated on the invoice given to You.
14.2. In case of a payment made by the student himself/herself, we require it to be transferred through PayPal, as we have found it to be a safe and secure online platform.

15.1. The Refund Policy is only applicable in the following cases-
15.1.1. If the fee imbursed by the teacher(s) as outlined in Clause 11.4.
15.1.2. If the fee is imbursed by CLC Online Learning student(s) as outlined in Clause 12.6.

The Website may feature information concerning third party websites, associates or business partners and links to their respective websites and any other information regarding them. This information and their respective links are presented for the purpose of Your own reference. The Company is not looking to promote the material present on these websites. Furthermore the Company is not responsible for the representation or any errors present on the affiliate websites. The Company is not responsible for these websites and You must enter them at Your own discretion. Lastly, it is upto You to obtain security and take precautionary measures before visiting these links or downloading any software available from them, as the Company is not responsible if by entering these websites, Your computer suffers from viruses,
trojan horse, worms and the like.

Any and all intellectual property produced by the Company(such as the content itself) and used on the Website, by the service providers or any outside party shall remain the legal possession of the aforementioned parties. By utilizing our services, You agree to not divulge, debilitate, or in any way interfere with any security procedures attached to the aforementioned intellectual property. furthermore, You are forbidden from tampering with the Website features that obstruct the duplication of, deny or limit the use of the material on the Website. In accordance with copyright laws, other such legal enforcements including international treaties, the Website is subject to security of the highest possible order allowed by the aforementioned laws. Any data relayed through the Website is protected as a collaborative work by
copyright laws. Content available on the Website may not be tampered, copied, duplicated, dispersed, reissued in any degree, downloaded, exhibited, sold, compiled or broadcasted on other mediums in any way shape or form, including but not limited to electronic, recorded etc.

18.1. Phrases such as “Personal Information” and “Sensitive Personal Data”, are outlined in the aforementioned SPI Rules, and are expounded further in the Privacy Policy, which the User MUST read and understand the applications of as meant by the Company.
18.2. If relevant to the Website, the Company reserves the right to gather information concerning the devices through which You surf the Website, as well as the collection of anonymous data used by You. This information will only be utilized for the express purpose of improving Your experience on the Website and to be used as suggestions for creating new features or services. Henceforth You sanction the Company to gather said information.
18.3. Policy for NDNC
By surfing this website and/or registering at, You permit us to reach out to You through email, phone call or sms and present our services, convey product information, present limited time promotional offers available on our Website as well as such offers provided by third party affiliates, for these reasons, collection of personal information is necessary. Even if You have enlisted Yourself under the services of DND/DNC/NCPR, the Company is still permitted to contact You for the aforementioned reasons within 365 days of Your registration.personally identifiable information collected by CLC Online Learning is subject to this Privacy Policy, and outlines the treatment of such information when You are surfing the Website or utilizing our services. Furthermore, also covered by this Policy is the treatment of this information when concerned with CLC Online Learning’s business partners.while using certain webpages of the Website or availing certain promotions, this Policy will not be applicable. When You enroll with CLC Online Learning, we require Your correct full name, contact number and email. Note that once You have been registered with us, You will not be considered an anonymous user, furthermore, during the registration process, You may be required to provide us Your mobile phone number, email id, pager number, or contact information for other text-based devices. Once registered, we are allowed to dispatch sms/ emails to facilitate Your first login with the OTP details and any other technical requirements needed to process Your account, as well as advertisements for our product.
18.4. The Company is permitted access to the users personal email or phone number, as given on the Website, only for communication purposes.
18.5. The legitimacy of the personal information provided by the user is not the responsibility of the Company, nor the responsibility of any associate of the Company.
18.6. The secrecy of the users account information and password(if registered) is the sole responsibility of the user himself/herself. Furthermore, the User is also responsible for the use of such information, be it permitted by the user or not. If the user suspects unauthorized access to his/her account, the Company shall be informed immediately. In such an event, the Company will not be held accountable for any damages or losses, whereas You will be held accountable for any damages inflicted on the Company for such breaches of security.
18.7. In the event that any information provided by the User is found to be false, imprecise, out of date or incomplete(or becomes so), or the Company has reason to believe that the information is affected from such falsities, the Company reserves the right to suspend the Users account and use of services provided by the Company such as the CLC Online Learning Program.
18.8. The collected information will be utilized in repairing or handling any customer support and other related issues that are brought to the Company’s attention.

19.1 Without the authorization of CLC Online Learning, You acknowledge that You shall not do the following in any way whatsoever-
19.1.1. Solicit or enable anyone to part with CLC Online Learning and their respectives programs and services, as well as the services of any affiliates.
19.1.2. Redirect or attempt to redirect any members away from the Company’s services.
19.1.3. Hinder the professional agreements made between the Company and their consumers, teachers, contributors or others CLC Online Learning holds professional relationships with.

The User is mindful of and agrees that the utilization of the Website or the CLC Online Learning program shall not be involved in attempts to;
20.1. Divert or supervise the User’s actions in any way whatsoever,
20.2. Produce or organize any employment opportunity, partnership, business venture, conflict of priorities between You and the company or any similar relationship. Even so, such acts are possible when notarized and laid out in a valid document/contract/agreement approved by the Company .

Under the jurisdiction of the terms outlined in these Terms of use, CLC Online Learning provides You a limited and non transferable license which is not unique to only You. With this license, You can –
21.1. Surf the Website, as well as use CLC Online Learning and any services therein.
21.2. Avail the application on Your electronics devices including but not limited to computer systems, mobile phones etc. This application is meant for Your personal use only.

22.1. In no case whatsoever, such as Your own carelessness and the like, shall the Company including its board of directors, offices, employees, associates, data or service providers(The protected entities) be held accountable for any direct or indirect, peculiar, coincidental, admonitory or disciplinary damages dealt as a result of Your use of or inability to use the Website and its data, materials and services, even if the aforementioned entities have been notified of such an eventuality. Similarly, none of the protected entities may be liable for;
22.1.1. Any content displayed, relayed, sold or obtained by or on behalf of any other individual be it a User or non-user who has accessed the Website.
22.1.2. Any unsanctioned access to Your account and or modification and conveyance of the data therein.
22.1.3. Any different matter pertaining to the Website.
22.2. In no case shall the complete accountability of the aforementioned protected entities to a consumer for any damages dealt, losses inflicted , or the bringing about of actions(be it in contract form or tort or otherwise) surfacing from these Terms of Use or overuse of the Website by the User in question, in the complete amount paid by the User in a period 3 months prior to the event of giving cause to suspect such liabilities.

23.1. Henceforth You agree to compensate any losses to and not consider the Company, its associates, and other protected entities including licensors and agents liable for any third party testimonies, losses suffered and damages taken and/ or any costs compensated as a result of; 
23.1.1. Your authorization to use or use of the Websites resources in any unlawful act whatsoever.
23.1.2, Your registration for any course or any loss, offense, or injury taken from said course in any degree.
23.1.3. Breach of Terms of Use or other Company Policies.
23.1.4. Non-observation of, or by any other authorized user of Your account of the Policies mentioned.
23.1.5. Violation of any intellectual property or entitled rights of any individual or entity. You will be informed by the Company in the event that such assertions, losses or demands are made. Alongside Your prior obligations to the Company, You must cooperate with them even at Your own expense if needed, in nullifying such assertions, losses and demands.

24.1. The Company reserves the right to, at any time, without informing You, improve, change, alter or upgrade the Website and CLC Online Learning Program or any service available from both, in any way they see fit, and such alterations will be made effective as soon as they are posted.
24.2. Furthermore, the Company also reserves the right to apply the alterations such as any and all mentioned in Sub-Clause 24.1. To these Terms of Use. such modifications, alterations, changes, improvements or upgrades may affect the document in full or certain sections as deemed fit by the Company, and will be in effect as soon as they are posted.
24.3. The right to modify or delete any content on the Website without any prior notice or being held accountable for is reserved for the Company.
24.4. In accordance with the highlighted terms, You are required to thoroughly read through the Terms of Use regularly to stay up to date with any alterations, modifications and updates made at any given time.
24.5. Once such changes are made to the Terms of Use, the changes apply immediately to Your use of the Website.

The User is not permitted to pass over or transfer any rights outlined in these Terms of Use through lawful means or otherwise, unless CLC Online Learning has consented to such a transfer. A transfer of the rights detailed here will be considered null and void if the consent of CLC Online Learning is not obtained prior. Furthermore, CLC Online Learning will hold the power to transfer in accordance with their own will, any or every term written in these Terms of Use without any limitation or responsibility of any kind. This sub Clause is binding and shall facilitate a successful relation between all involved parties.

In the event that any Clause written in these Terms of Use is found to be inoperable, partially or completely, this limitation shall only apply to the Clause(partial or complete), and if only a certain part of this Clause is unactionable, the remainder of the Clause shall function properly and clearly. All other Clauses not affected by these limitations will also function without fail.

27.1. No condition outlined in these Terms of Use shall be relinquished and no violation shall be forgiven unless and until such is consented to by the Company itself in written form.
27.2. Any document presented that, written by the Company itself absolves any violation(s) or breach(es)(hinted at or made clear), applies only to the breach(es) or violation(s) in question and does not apply in any degree to other unspecified breach(es) or violation(s).

Despite any contradictory statements made herein, the Company may not be held accountable for any setbacks or failures in the students performance caused by factors beyond the Company’s control including but not limited to natural disasters, economic crises, terrorist activities, maket-wide shortage, crashes or glitches in the system, breakdowns or human error on the part of the employees, or destruction of data due to blackouts, power shortages, storage issues or civil distress.

Users must agree and accept that they shall always conform to any applicable laws when concerned with anti-bribery and anti-corruption. Furthermore, they also constitute and vow that they shall not act in any such way that might cause a liability to form for the Company and/or their fellow protected individuals under laws outlined for the prevention of anti-bribery and anti-corruption. The Users must not partake in or encourage or permit anyone to partake in any activities that might be
considered corrupt or a bribe. Along with these terms, they shall also inform the Company immediately of any such activity taking place between a different party and a User that would give the User an unlawful privilege (financial or otherwise), in accordance with these Terms of Use.

30. 1. These Terms of Use are published in accordance of, and are under the jurisdiction of United Kingdom law.

31.1. Any agreement made between us, including but not limited to various terms and conditions, are not contradicted by these Terms of Use.
31.2. If You utilize the Website in service of any other individual, entity or otherwise, You acknowledge and accept that You are permitted to agree to be bound by these Terms of Use in the stead of the mentioned entities. Furthermore, these Terms of Use are equally applicable to the entity You represent as they are to Yourself.
31.3. The Company and its protected entities make no guarantee and shall not bring down liability to any involved individual, including the Teachers and Users. Furthermore, said individual will relinquish their known rights against the Company, If under the law, statute, regulations or tort, any principles of
restoration or unlawful gain or otherwise any loss, damage or cost is inflicted due to:
31.3.1. Any Clause or Rule contained in these Terms of Use, or due to the precision, satisfaction, truthfulness, or authenticity of the services provided by the Company, as well as any evaluation, conclusion, statement or discourse contained within or concluded to form the CLC Online Learning Program.
31.3.2. Any claim, action, fair or misuse made, whatsoever it may be.
31.3.3. The Company can not be held accountable for any act of physical or sexual misconduct made by the teacher, be it from unsanctioned corporal punishment or other misuses of unfounded authority.
31.5. The Company may at its sole discretion, choose to display gathered information, comments or testimonials submitted by the Teacher or User. Despite the Company having protocols to be followed for the screening and choosing of such information, it can not be held accountable and/or liable for any incomplete or inaccurate information. Involved parties must agree that the Company holds no accountability on the part of any assumptions or claims made that might be detrimental in any way whatsoever, to the involved parties, such as might arise from the imprecision of the information or comments made by any Teacher and/or User published on the Website.
31.6. No responsibility or accountability falls on the Company for any malware installed or damage dealt to the Users equipment due to the use of the resources available on the Website and their consequent utilization by the User including but not limited to the duplication, download, installation or copying of any data, be it text, audio, video, image or numeric, from the Website. In case of a dissatisfactory experience, the User’s sole option is boycotting the use of the Website.
31.7. Your use of the Website is on an “as is” basis. In accordance with this, the Company disowns any portrayal and /or guarantee, be it implicit or explicit, including but not limited to guarantees of capability for any purposes, titles or observances. Furthermore, no guarantees are made for the following-
31.7.1. the Website is unsusceptible to any mistake, damage, loss, viral attack, malware, harm or breaches of security relevant to these possibilities.
31.7.2. The resources and content available on the Website, is or will be accurate, authentic, wellregulated, and the Company disregards any accountability enforced thereto.

Notices and Communication meant for the Company shall be sent in writing, in the English language and will be classified as given if delivered by hand or a proxy, including but not limited to courier services, a private messenger, valid mail alternatives, or email at 

Any feedback You may have, or otherwise, any queries or comments concerning CLC Online Learning Program and its services You wish to bring to the attention of the Company can be directed to the email address For any other requests or any matters, the previously mentioned email address can
be referred to.

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